What size are the buttons?
The Buttons and Magnets are 2 1/4 inch finished
Where does your artwork come from?
Some artwork I make, some I have downloaded through member only sites with a commercial license. Other artwork I actually purchase pre-printed. It should be assumed that none of the artwork is free for you to use and is covered under copyright by the creator. I do not sell digital artwork, I sell the finished product.
The designs in your catalog does not go to the edge. There’s a lot of white space.
The outer circle you see is 2 3/4″ round, this is the cut line for the button, the face of the button is 2 1/4″. This is why sometimes the artwork does not reach the edge of the circle. You won’t see the white areas or even the line on the finished product.
For Buttons, The post office classifies our mailers as a First Class Package, so the cost of postage alone is on average $4.00, plus the shipping supplies.
I do offer local pickup and can even deliver orders over 10 buttons in the Bellefontaine OH area.

Can you print my design?
Certainly! The bleed is 2.75″ round, the face of the button is 2.25″ round and any text that you want on the face should not extend past 2.125″ round.
Can you do photo buttons?
Yes, photo buttons can be done two different ways.
We can print on the same paper that other designs use (27# Matte presentation paper) and the image can bleed around the edge of the button.
We can use actual photo paper however the image is cut down to just cover the face of the button. We would then use another paper behind it (colored or white). This option is 25 cents more per button and requires extra production time.
Can you do more than just magnets?
Currently I can do Pin Backs, Magnets, Keychains, Mirror Backs. We can also get magnet bars to hold buttons to clothing (like name badges)
Can you do other sizes?
I currently only have the ability to produce the 2 1/4″ button in-house. Other sizes can be ordered in quantity.


We try to ship all decals in flat kraft envelopes. This helps us keep the costs as low as possible. This however does mean that the postal service may very well bend or fold your items. This will not hurt the decals. Simply lay them flat in a warm area and they will flatten out.
How big can my decals be?
The maximum size that I can do is 11×23″ for traditional vinyl decals and 9×6″ for printed decals.
What types of decals do you offer?

Permanent: Perfect for anything that is going to get wet or be out in the sun. Also great for anything you don’t desire to remove.

Removable: Better suited for wall decals that you may wish to remove.
What colors do your decals come in?
I have the basic colors, White, Black, Red, Yellow, several Greens, Blues, Pink are usually in stock. I can get fairly quickly other colors and finishes (metallic, glitter, holographic, glow in the dark, reflective, and many others)
I have a design already can you make my decals?
If your artwork is compatible and not-copyrighted I can attempt to make them. Please note: projects with small text do not work well on a vinyl cutter.
How will my decals arrive?
Your decals will arrive weeded with transfer tape over top.
How do I apply my decals?

1.    Flip the graphic over with the backing paper facing up.
2.    Rub a stiff flat object like a vinyl applicator or credit card across the vinyl.
3.    Check your location where you wish to place the decal.
4.    clean the area with rubbing alcohol (like an alcohol prep pad) and let it dry
5.    Peel the backing of the decal off at an angle.
6.    Place your decal onto the surface
7.    Using your credit card, rub the vinyl, smoothing out any bubbles.
8.    When ready, peel the transfer tape off SLOWLY at an angle
9.    Should any decal not release from the tape, lower it back in place and rub with finger as the vinyl is pressure sensitive and sticks with pressure and heat.
10. Dispose of the transfer tape.

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